Mom needs a break: some time away at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth, WA


Maybe another mom would have done things differently.

It seems like many of us have had a bad autumn. In our house, someone has been sick since early September. For the past week, we’ve missed school, activities, and anything that was on my own to-do list. I’ve been mom nonstop.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain – I work from home and the passion and enthusiasm I feel for my travel writing career is a gift, I know. Let’s just say I don’t miss my basement office and I never dread sitting down to my computer to write. I don’t have that “ugh” Sunday evening feeling anymore.

So when I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth, Washington, what did I do? I went. By. My. Self. Uh huh. In that beautiful outdoor setting, with the fresh mountain air and lovely meandering grounds, the rustic luxe rooms and delicious Northwest cuisine. I did it all. Alone.

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort is an amazing place for families and right up my street when it comes to the kind of getaway I’d choose with my twins. But I just needed a break, you know?

So I went, played around with my camera, wandered, and had some wine and great meals with the most amazing fellow mom and host Lori Vandenbrink. Did I miss my family? A little. But I wouldn’t do it differently, and now I just know that my kids might come the next time. Unless I need a break again.


Fountain of Dreams by Gerard Tsutakawa. Right in front of my room

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth.

Inside my room. Look how peaceful.

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth.

A place to relax.

Soul Salmon. Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth.

Soul Salmon at Icicle Creek.

Icicle Creek at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth.

Icicle Creek.

Breakfast at Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth.

Breakfast at Sleeping Lady.

Lori Vandenbrink. Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Leavenworth.

Lori Vandenbrink of Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort. A busy, health-conscious, and passionate mom.


With many thanks to Sleeping Lady Mountain resort for hosting my accommodation and meals. All opinions are my own. Photo of Lori Vandenbrink courtesy of Sleeping Lady.

Text and images © All rights reserved.


  • Jessica Bowers

    I love mom trips because I get a chance to fool around with pictures and angles.

    • Linda @

      So true! Nobody tugging on your arm and you can look for the shot you like.

  • TaMara

    What a wonderful getaway! Thanks for joining the party at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama!

    • Linda @

      Thank you! It was.

  • Denise G

    How beautiful! I’m overdo for a trip away. Someday. 😉

    Found you via the Turn it Up Tuesday! Blog hop that I’m co-hosting! Thanks so much for linking up with us.

    • Linda @

      Yes, if only it was more often. :) Thanks!

  • Natasha

    Oh wow! I would love to take a trip by myself. I don’t think I’ve ever done that, even before my son was born. So I think I’m well overdue! It must have been great! Your pictures are beautiful!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesdays! We love having you! :)

    • Linda @

      Thank you! I used to do it a lot. I think next time I’ll do a girls’ weekend. :) Thanks for hosting the link up!