Fall camping: the rustic cabins at Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA


I’ve wanted to check out the cabins at Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island, Washington, for a while now. This past summer they were so popular that we couldn’t get in. So I thought, “Sure, let’s try fall camping. October will be fine, right?”

It turns out that delay was the best thing that could have happened for our stay in the Cama Beach cabins. Over 30 charming cabins from the 1930s hug the shoreline but we only ever saw one other family – they had a 4-year-old boy, just like our twins, and together we pretty much had the run of the park to ourselves. Something about camping seems to inspire people to get to know each other more than any other way of traveling. I love that.

There are no cars allowed down at the cabins. A shuttle van takes you and your things there. The lack of cars makes for a great place for kids to explore, and for moms to relax a little. Those are the kinds of small touches that really impressed me about Cama Beach State Park – like the free firewood, immaculate bathrooms, quilts in the cabins, and the friendly staff. Add in the sound of the waves and the historic, warm, and rustic cabins and I can see why people would call this romantic.

I know it would have been a different experience if we visited with our twins in summer when I hear it’s busy every day. The cabins are cozy and close together and I don’t think it would be the same quiet place to reconnect like we enjoyed. That’s all the more reason to visit our public parks in the off-season, right?

We walked the trails a little, played in the park a lot, made a campfire and s’mores by the water, collected seashells, and just enjoyed something really simple together. We’re a family with little kids and I’d never say travel is easy, but the more I try to get our twins out to see the kinds of places that inspire me as a writer, the more I realize it can be done. I’m glad we had the chance to do it.


Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Inside the cabin. They’re refurbished but they still have a real sense of history.

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com


Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Playing outside. Apparently it was a good throw!

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

Inside the Center for Wooden Boats. You can rent boats or just check out some of their work.

Center  for Wooden Boats

Cama Beach State Park, Camano Island, WA. twin-mom.com

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  • http://www.littletrendstar.com/ Kids T shirt

    That place really looks amazing! I love it! Where is this located?

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      It’s Northwest Washington, about an hour north of Seattle.

  • Alison Lumbatis

    How cool that you had it (almost) all to yourselves! I love the rustic look of these little cabins. Great memories!

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      The cabins were charming inside and it was nice to have some space to play and wander. They’re already asking when we’re going back. Love making memories like that.

  • mail4rosey

    What a nice place to visit! I love the history lessons you could incorporate from this kind of visit.

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      So true! There were vintage pictures in our cabin to show the kids some of the history.

  • Denise G

    What a neat way to camp! I love it! Makes me wish that I lived in Washington so I could go there.

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      It is! Washington has quite a few great places for different kinds of camping. It’s nice to not have to go far.

  • Bismah Abdelgawad

    Looks like a beautiful place to stay! I love being outdoors!
    Stopping by from Turn it up Tuesday link up. Following via Bloglovin.
    Have a great week :)
    Bismah @

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Thanks! I love finding great places to get the kids outside.

  • The explorer’s mum!

    Sounds idyllic. What a perfect way to reconnect with each other and nature

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      It was!

  • lthompson513

    Wow! This looks amazing! My family and I just moved to Seattle in mid-May. This may be a future vacation spot for us!

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Welcome to the neighborhood! :) It’s a great place to check out with the family. There are lots of great public parks with good accommodations in our area. Good day trips, too. Have fun!

  • Natasha Peter

    Oh wow! So beautiful! I would love to visit! I have always wanted to visit Washington, as I’ve heard there are so many beautiful nature places to go and you’ve just proven to me why I should make a trip!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday!

    Natasha @ EpicMommyAdventures.com

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Thanks! We always meet people from out of state when we’re on our nearby vacations and it reminds us to appreciate where we live. Thanks for hosting!

  • http://www.littletrendstar.com/ Kids T shirt

    Wow nice! I love those cabins! Feels like home!

  • Toni Floor

    Hello Linda,

    My name is Toni and I’m with Dwellable.

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  • http://www.thisanalogadventure.com/ Jessica

    wow, what gorgeous cabins! Autumn is an awesome time to camp because everyone is back and school and the resulting calm is so much nicer! Not to mention the trees are gorgeous, haha. Thanks so much for linking up with photography friday!

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Thanks, yes they are! Such a different experience than in the summer time.

  • Guy Johnston

    The photo with your boy walking between the cabins is awesome, it looks like it could be an advertisement for somewhere! fantastic!



  • http://www.phuketfamily.blogspot.co.uk/ EK Bradley

    Linda, I want to be there now!! Actually we are considering moving to BC, not too far away right? Oh those cabins and the lake, so alluring and yet quaint.