Favorite little parks: Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, WA


Parks are a big part of my life with four-year-old twins. For us, we look for smaller ones, like little neighborhood gems that are well-maintained and quiet. We have a few within walking distance of our home, which was an important reason we decided to live in our community. We also venture out when I hear about a good one, usually from another mom.

For me to say I like a park is hard. Most parents know there’s always something. Maybe it’s the scary or non-existent bathrooms. Or there’s no containment for the kids – no natural barriers or fence. Or for me, tops on my list is I want to see the whole playground from anywhere else in the playground. With two kids, one could wander at any time and I’m one of those moms who needs to know where my kids are. Crazy, I know.

So I thought I’d share a few little parks that I like in the Pacific Northwest. Marina Beach Park in Edmonds, Washington, is a great find. We went by there recently on one of those errand-filled weekend days when the kids were in the car a little too long. It was a glorious fall day, really meant for a playground by the beach, watching the kiteboarders, and just soaking up the autumn sun.


2013.10.30 park A playground with a view.

twin-mom.com. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Washington.

We like our boats around here.

twin-mom.com. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Washington. Kiteboarding – so impressive!

twin-mom.com. Washington State Ferry at Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Washington.

Watching the Washington State Ferry go by.

twin-mom.com. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Washington. twin-mom.com. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Washington.

twin-mom.com. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds, Washington.

This seagull kept following us around. I think it just wanted its picture taken.

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    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Thank you! Yes, it was.

  • TaMara

    What a gorgeous view! I think I would definitely enjoy spending time at that park. Thanks for joining the party at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Thanks! The view really adds something special. Thanks for hosting!

  • Green Solution Collective

    It looks like your all having a blast! Thank you for sharing this! Have a nice day!

    • http://www.twin-mom.com/ Linda @ twin-mom.com

      Thanks! It was a fun time for the kids.