Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

O Christmas Tree: early holiday inspiration at the Festival of Trees, Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington, WA


It’s a little early for Christmas trees.

Still, I couldn’t resist stopping by the Festival of Trees at Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington, Washington. I’m trying my best to make our holidays special now that my twins are 4 years old and really getting into them. I’m not a natural talent when it comes to holiday decorating – I just admire from a distance. So I was hoping for some ideas.

Some of my dedicated local friends volunteered a lot of time and love decorating trees to benefit the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation. The trees were sold with other amazing donated items at a fundraising auction. The money raised is going to help with extra items that are more about patient comfort, like lifts and mobile fetal heart monitors. Anyone who’s spent some time in the hospital knows how much these things mean. Whether it’s bed rest, sick babies, or sick parents, anything that can make a healthcare experience more comfortable, and more personal, is always appreciated.

A great thing about living in a small town is how you run into familiar faces and catch the latest news wherever you go. I had a little apple cider and just spent some time chatting, taking pictures, and enjoying the details. I did find my favorite tree – the wine-themed beauty. I would re-create every bit of it if I had the time and talent. I mean, decorating with wine labels and corkscrews is so now. And they were all a lot of fun.


Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

 “Christmas Cheers!”

Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.   Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.   Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

 “Sparkling Christmas”

Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.   Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

 “The Magic of Purple and Gold: a UW Christmas”

Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.   Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

 “Crimson Pride: The Spirit of WSU”

Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

 “Merry Christmas to All!”

Cascade Valley Hospital Festival of Trees.

The Festival of Trees is over now. Check out the Hospital’s Facebook page for news about other events and next year’s holiday inspiration.

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  • mail4rosey

    There are some really gorgeous trees there!

    • Linda @

      Yes, they look like so much work went into them!

  • Alison Lumbatis

    Oh my, all of those pretty trees! I can’t wait to decorate. Unfortunately, my hubby can. :)

    • Linda @

      Haha, mine is a “rushing around on Christmas Eve” hubby, too.

  • angelasadventures

    Hi there! I found you through Kelly’s Korner. I’m also a Pacific NW gal. Isn’t it great living here? Your blog is really fun and it looks like you enjoy being outside with your family, just like we do. Have a great weekend!

    • Linda @

      Thanks! So glad you found the blog. Yes, we love to get outside with our twins and where we live is perfect for that! Nice to “meet” you. :)

  • Debra

    I just left you a comment in your “about” section. And now after reading this, I see you are my “neighbor.” I am in Stanwood. :)

    Have a great evening!

    • Linda @

      Thanks, Debra! Yes, you’re just up the road. :) Have a great week!

      • Debra

        How neat to actually be able to find someone through the blogosphere that is in the same area! Nice to “meet” you!