Preschool educational DVDs: 5 of our favorites


I’ve been working on having more opportunities for preschool learning experiences at home with my four-year-old twins, and I’m impressed with what’s available in DVDs and downloads. There are a lot of choices I skip, but there are also some I feel good about my twins watching. These are fun, engaging preschool educational DVDs that my twins enjoy.

Most of the picks below are short programs, with episodes that are 30 minutes or less. My twins won’t often sit still through feature-length films and I’m actually kind of proud of that. They’re curious, active preschoolers.

These DVDs would make great holiday gift picks for kids ages 3-6. They’d also be useful for those upcoming road trips, train rides, and air travel. I’d bring a few if you’re staying in a cabin, vacation house, or hotel, and if you’re going to be a house guest. Bringing a bag of familiar entertainment plus some new activities, including a favorite DVD or two, is one of my best tips for traveling with kids.


Meet the Sight Words (Sight Words Pack 1-3). All of the Preschool Prep series has really captured my twins’ interest. It’s like the whole series is speaking their special preschool language. We’ve seen them all, but the Meet the Sight Words 3-pack is their favorite, and along with the flash cards, these had my son reading sight words within just a few viewings. All kids are different, but I’d definitely recommend seeing if your preschooler enjoys these as much as mine do.



Animal Atlas ABCs. There’s an alphabet song in this DVD that I keep hearing my kids sing, usually in the back of the car, and it makes me smile. I love that they’re learning ABCs and music, too. The DVD is about letter sounds and a little bit of spelling. There are real animals (“A is for Anteater”), and since both of my kids love and relate to animals, this one has been fun for them.




Nature for Kids: Beginning Spanish. My son is especially interested in learning Spanish. Since it’s not a language I speak fluently, I’m happy to find quality programs out there for kids. This one has some great nature photography and I like the way it teaches action words, colors, and even some early math skills (like bigger, smaller) all within a variety of wild animal scenes. My husband and I even enjoy this one.



Spanish for Kids: Los Animales. I know – two Spanish DVDs? But we think this one is so fun that I have to share it. It’s probably more interesting to the younger ones, as it has kind of a variety show feel to it (think Sesame Street or Blue’s Clues), but it really engages my twins by involving them in the story and showing real kids having fun. The music in this DVD is fantastic – it’s really catchy and encourages dance and movement. We’ve seen a few of these Whistlefritz DVDs and this one is our favorite because of the music.



Growing up With Hello Kitty 1. Oh, Hello Kitty. I was a Hello Kitty-loving girl. I’m over it now (mostly) but my daughter came home with this DVD from the library and it was not at all what I expected. The stories are about Hello Kitty and her sister Mimmy learning some important life and social skills like table manners, helping at home, dressing yourself, cleaning up, and my favorite – letting mommy get enough sleep! This DVD engages both of my twins and I’m really happy we found it. And a little happy, too, that Hello Kitty is back in my life.


Learning happens in a lot of different ways in our family: we read books, we travel, we go out on day trips and fun activities, we try out crafts, we use workbooks and iPad Mini apps, and we just play. DVDs have a place on their bookshelf and when I find one that’s both entertaining and educational, I’m a happy mom.

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Favorite DVDs for preschoolers.

Favorite DVDs for preschoolers.

Favorite DVDs for preschoolers.

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  • Nikki Stevens

    These videos look really cool! I taught a kinder readiness class last year through the school district called TK (transitional kindergarten) and I can tell you that learning their letters and a few sight words will have your tots totally ready for kindergarten. I love any kids DVDs with songs or music. We are currently enjoying Baby Einstein DVDs on a regular basis.

    Nikki (rushedmommy)

    • Linda @

      Wow, what a great experience. We love music here, too. :)